Get a 36% discount on the most comprehensive health insurance

From CINC Correduría de Seguros we offer you a very complete health insurance without copays with a 36% discount during 2020 and 2021, through one of the best insurance companies in the market.

This policy includes access to a medical staff of more than 40,000 professionals and 1,000 centers at your disposal. In addition, one of the main advantages is that you will get significant discounts on the fee until 2026 if you hire before February 28: -36% in 2021, -30% in 2022, -24% in 2023, -18% in 2024, – 12% in 2025 and -6% in 2026.
You can also enjoy advanced coverage:
  • FREE dental coverage
  • Access to 8 of the hospitals in the top 10 of the best private centers nationwide
  • Psychology, nutrition, podiatry and physiotherapy sessions
  • Medical chat and video consultations with specialists through an app
  • Respiratory rehabilitation for lung diseases and COVID
  • PET / MRI in oncology and cervical cancer prevention
  • Analytical and physiotherapy at home in degree of dependence

Coverages included

  • Primary care: general medicine, emergencies, pediatrics, ambulances, analysis, etc.
  • Direct access to all specialties: cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynecology, ophthalmology, podiatry, dermatology, allergology and all diagnostic tests.
  • Surgery and hospitalization: cancer and kidney treatments among others, surgeries, hospitalizations (ICU and pregnancy-related included), prostheses, and much more.
  • Dental policy: unlike other health insurance in the sector, this includes dental service.
  • Worldwide emergency assistance. You will have up to 20,000 euros in worldwide emergency assistance (one of the highest limits on the market).
  • Daily compensation for hospitalization. If you are admitted to the hospital, from the third day you will receive 80 euros per day (in case none of the hospitalization expenses is paid by the insurer).
  • Assistance in any accident. If you suffer any type of work or traffic accident, you will also receive assistance.
  • Unlimited podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions.
  • Biomechanical study of gait. A study every 5 years in adults and every 2 years in children under 15 years of age, in Podoactiva centers and with the prescription of a traumatologist arranged by the insurer.
  • Psychotherapy. 20 sessions / year and 40 in cases of eating disorders, bullying, cyberbullying, work stress and gender or family violence.
  • Nutritionist. Treatment and control of obesity up to 20 sessions a year.
  • Respiratory rehabilitation. Respiratory rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and sequelae of infection by coronavirus or COVID-19.
  • Analytical and physiotherapy at home. In grade 3 dependency situations, covered through own means.

Included services

Free choice outside the medical field. Possibility of including the pediatric and gynecology service you want, even if it is not in your medical chart.
The doctor on your mobile:
  • Review your symptoms and share them with a doctor.
  • Video consultation and chat to have a consultation with a doctor wherever you are.
  • Electronic prescription to go directly to the pharmacy without going to the doctor.
  • Requests for analytical and imaging tests, as well as results and medical reports in the health folder.
  • You will have your medical reports, diagnostic tests and analyzes at hand in your digital health folder.
  • Solve your questions about pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding with the digital midwife service.
  • Coach: chat with a specialized professional to incorporate healthy habits into your day to day.
  • Free and unlimited service.

Telephone medical lines. 24h, Pediatric, women's, sports, nutritional, psycho-emotional, etc.

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