Franchised VAT: the end of quarterly VAT for self-employed to come into force in 2025.

A new tax reform is expected to come into force in January 2025 that will exempt freelancers with income of less than 85,000 euros from the obligation to include VAT in their invoices. The Tax Agency and the self-employed associations are working on the implementation of the European Directive 2020/285, approved on February 18, 2020.
The European regulation raises two possibilities for the self-employed who do not exceed the aforementioned income threshold: they can choose between joining the general VAT system or joining the VAT franchise system. The VAT franchise regime establishes that income must not exceed 85,000 euros per year. If this amount is not exceeded, they are exempt from quarterly and annual VAT settlements and from issuing VAT invoices.
If they exceed the turnover by more than 10%, the VAT regime no longer applies. However, the member states of the European Union can extend this limit to 25%. In principle, all EU countries will have to comply with this directive by this date, but there could be delays in the implementation of this rule if it is not transposed into national provisions in time.
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September 18, 2023

New legal regime regulating structural changes in commercial companies

On July 29th, Royal Decree-Law 5/2023, of June 28th, came into force, which approves a new regulation integrating the structural changes of domestic and cross-border commercial companies. In this way, in addition to complying with the incorporation of the European Mobility Directive 2019/2021 into the Spanish legal system, Law 3/2009, of April 3, 2009, is repealed.

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October 3, 2023

New developments in the contribution of part-time workers

Royal Decree Law 2/2023 on urgent measures for the extension of pensioners' rights comes into force on October 1, following its publication in the Official State Gazette on March 23. This new regulation incorporates an important novelty: for the first time, the contribution of workers with reduced working hours is equal to those who work full time. 

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