Flexibility and technology: the keys to success in coworking

Coworking is going through one of its best moments, in addition to experiencing constant changes both from the point of view of supply and demand. And it is that throughout this year we have seen new spaces, new formulas and, above all, new sensitivities and needs of the companies that have endowed the sector with a special dynamism.

All this and much more was discussed on October 17 and 18 at the WorkSpacesDay Conference, a cycle of conferences organized by ProworkSpaces, the national association for coworking spaces, business centers and operators of flexible workspaces. CINC has been present one more year in these conferences, where we have moderated the round table "How to commercialize the Corporate Coworking?" In addition to listening to different talks and opinions of national and international experts.

What have we learned from the coworking sector in 2019?

Of all the presentations we heard at the WorkSpacesDay Conference, we have made a summary of the most outstanding ideas about the present and future situation of coworking:
Technology is the key to the present and the future. Companies need better communications, data lines and technological equipment every day. In addition, a space without fiber optics can no longer be conceived, just as in the future it will not be possible to find work spaces without 5G.
Flexibility: essential to be able to grow. Corporate companies, with their development by projects and their flexible structure, need to be able to resize their teams in specific time frames. For this reason, the fact that the spaces are able to adapt in the very short term is a fundamental factor in contributing to the growth of these companies.
There is no "too big to fail". No operator of workspaces is safe from having bumps in their operations and suffering fluctuations in their clients, products or investments. Therefore, in a dynamic environment, flexibility itself is key in the maintenance and development of spaces.
There is no “too small to succeed”. The size of the coworking company is not a guarantee of success, and there are clear examples of this in the sector. Among them, we find innovative initiatives that have broken their ceiling, reaching significant investments from external agents, or that have reached levels of reinvestment and occupation that in previous years had only been found in large companies in the sector.
Secondary cities are becoming more and more important. Both Madrid and Barcelona are experiencing a development of flexible spaces, but it is above all in the rest of the cities and provincial capitals where companies are looking for new flexibility options that did not exist until now. Therefore, the modern, dynamic and technological workspaces installed in these cities will be the implantation space of the large companies and the delegations of reference brands.

What does our experience tell us?

We have been preparing all types of workspaces for more than 20 years, and at CINC we can confirm that flexibility and technology have been the most important key aspects for our clients. The fact of having known how to fully adapt to their demands and needs and having incorporated the latest technology elements has made us pioneers in the establishment of multinational companies in 22 @ in Barcelona.
Thus, we undoubtedly believe that the key to success for the growth of companies is that they can establish themselves in totally flexible workspaces, through personal treatment and a totally tailored service. And of course, the fact of being able to have adequate technological equipment that allows you to optimize your productivity.

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