Energy Saving Plan: how does it affect businesses?

The government approved a set of urgent energy-saving and efficiency measures affecting certain companies and public places that have been published in the BOE (Official State Gazette).

When do these measures will take effect?

One week after the publication of the regulation in the BOE: from Tuesday 9 August until 1 November 2023.

What obligations are set out?

  • Unoccupied public buildings and public places will have to limit air conditioning below 27 degrees and heating above 19 degrees in winter. Exempted from this obligation are those premises that justify the need to maintain special environmental conditions or have specific regulations. In these cases, there must be a physical separation between the enclosure and adjoining premises that is required to maintain the above conditions.
  • They must display information signs with the mandatory measures.
  • Automatic door locking systems to ensure that doors remain closed shall be compulsory and shall be required from 30 September in public buildings and commercial premises..
  • Shops must switch off their shop window lights before 22:00h, and work buildings may not be lit 24 hours a day.This obligation also applies to unoccupied public buildings.
  • Buildings that have passed the energy efficiency inspection before 1 January will have to undergo an extraordinary review before 31 December 2022.

Which companies are affected by these regulations?

Unoccupied public buildings, shops and department stores, transport infrastructures (airports, train and bus stations), cultural spaces and hotels will have to comply with these measures.


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