Economic appraisal services:

  1. Investment, commercial arbitration and dispute resolution
  2. Actual Damages and lost profits
  3. Compensation for clientele and lack of prior notice in agency contracts
  4. Inheritance partition
  5. Unfair competition
  6. Restrictive practices and abuse of dominant position
  7. Directors’ liability
  8. Challenges to social resolutions
  9. Disputes arising from shareholder disputes
  10. Issuance of expert reports justifying the legitimacy of dismissal, as a result of objective reasons or fraudulent practices.
  11. Technical reports and collective dismissal proceedings (ERO)
  12. Issuance of expert reports for claims of amounts derived from employment contracts with variable and complex remuneration packages.
  13. Unfair administration
  14. Misappropriation

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Team & Christmas: let’s Christmas with us at CINC Girona Terrace
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