Does your health insurance offer you all these advantages?

Thinking about those who prioritize to the maximum their health, in CINC Insurance Brokerage we offer you a very complete insurance with Asefa and with very advantageous conditions so that, whatever happens, you take care of your health and that of yours with total tranquility.
This special insurance includes extensive coverage with a large medical team that includes the main reference clinics and more than 20,000 doctors, in addition to having access to all types of diagnostic means and treatments that are included in the best health policies.

A very complete health insurance where everything is an advantage

You will be able to enjoy numerous advantages that make it a Premium health insurance:
– Level premiums. The price of insurance will never be increased by changing age brackets, so you will always pay the same premium.
– Right to free choice outside the medical staff. You can prioritise the choice of doctor and centre where you want to be treated (including reimbursement in general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic).
– No co-pays on any services. You won't have to worry about paying extra costs every time you go to the doctor.
– Lifetime coverage. Whatever happens, you'll have the guarantee that your policy will always be active and you'll continue to enjoy the best coverage.
– Travel assistance. You will have worldwide assistance in case of emergency abroad (for stays not exceeding 90 days per trip or displacement).

The best coverage in preventive medicine

Prevention is key to ensuring good health, and therefore this insurance also includes treatments and diagnostic tests:
– Diseases or birth defects in newborns
– Urologic laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
– Clinical Psychology
– Specific preventive medicine programmes:
– Targeted testing for the early diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer
– Prostate Cancer Prevention Program
– Coronary Risk Prevention Program
– Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program
– Screening programs for infants and newborns
– Periodic Ophthalmological Reviews
– Annual Mouth Cleaning

Take advantage: take out your insurance now get up to 15% discount

Would you like to benefit from this comprehensive health insurance at a reduced price? The sooner you take out the policy, the greater the discount will be, and we will keep the price for you until 2019.
Take advantage of this opportunity:
– If you take out the insurance before 15 November 2018, you will get a 15% discount.
– If you sign up before January 15, 2019, you will get a 10% discount.

Would you like us to send you a personalised quotation? Contact us!

If you want to receive more information and rates, contact us and we will send you a personalized proposal:
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