Does life-risk insurance provide coverage against coronavirus?

The health emergency generated by COVID-19 has increased interest in taking out life insurance. According to a study by the Capgemini consultancy firm, 39% of consumers are expected to take out life insurance in the next 6-9 months, 14% more than in the pre-COVID period.
In Spain, more than 9 million people have already taken out life insurance, according to data from the Spanish Insurance Business Association (UNESPA). Among this type of insurance, life-risk insurance stands out, which guarantees a capital payment in the event of the insured's death in order to protect family members from paying debts, mortgages or lack of income.
The life-risk insurance has as its main coverage the death of the insured for any cause. Generally, it also includes coverage for absolute or permanent disability, which is another interesting reason to take it out.
However, some insurance companies apply exclusions in their policies in certain cases, such as epidemics or pandemics, although following the COVID-19 crisis some have already eliminated them. Therefore, although in principle there is no reason to be alarmed, it is advisable to review the policy and check that it does not exclude death in these cases. 

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