Cyber Attacks Insurance for SMB: Relief from the first click

Cyber attacks are a reality that can affect any company: Did you know Spain is the 3rd country in the world in number of cyber-attacks? In addition, SMBs and microenterprises are the target of 70% of cyber attacks in Spain, and the costs from a cyber attack have increased by 23% in 2015.
In fact, SMBs are an easy target for cyber attacks, considering that their security systems are more vulnerable, and also, they usually lack any contingency plans. However, not only do cyber attacks have serious consequences for companies, such as damage to the computer system, loss of data or theft of sensitive information; but they also damage third parties because of security breaches which result from such attacks.
Neither should we forget the damage to the company´s reputation to employees and customers, but also its economic losses.
Do you want to guarantee security for your company? We offer you a solution to minimize this threat
CINC Insurance Agency, through the best Insurance Company in the market, offers SMBs a solution to deal with cyber attacks, with a total protection guarantee.
– Third party intrusion
– Data hijacking
– Data Protection Guarantee
– Civil Liability for virus transmission
– Civil Liability for publication of content in corporate media
– Legal expenses (judgments, bonds, etc.)
Contact us and get informed about how to protect your company from a cyber attack:
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