We offer all types of insurance at the best price


We find the best protection for your property, whether it be your habitual residence or a second home.

Life and accident

We arrange life and accident insurance policies so you are covered for any event.


We offer a wide range of insurance policies for cars, motorbikes, caravans and other types of vehicle.


We offer all sorts of health insurance, whether you choose a policy with a list of healthcare providers or one with free choice.

Legal expenses and family

We guarantee a consultancy and legal defence service in any situation.

Absence due to illness or hospitalization

Financial peace of mind in the case of absence due to illness.

Rent guarantee insurance

If you own a property, you are covered for any loss related to the tenant, with 12 months' cover for failure to pay rent.


We have a wide variety of insurance policies for leisure craft.

Savings and investments

We offer policies to make your savings profitable with a view to your retirement.


Travel calmly, whatever might happen, with the best cover.

Multi-risk for homeowners associations

This covers all of the property of the owners' association.

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