We deal with all types of insurance for businesses and professionals

Multi risk insurance for businesses

Comprehensive protection for your company's buildings, installations and merchandise and all risks connected to your business activity.

Civil liability

We look into covering all types of activity, levels of capital or scopes (national and international) so that you are covered against possible third-party claims for monetary damage or personal injury.

Directors and officers

The best way to protect your company's board of directors and senior management from third-party claims.

Data protection liability

Protect your business from potential third-party claims for non-compliance with the data protection regulations in force.

Cyber risks

Guarantees your company's safety from any type of cyber risk.

Collective agreement

We offer policies to cover the commitments set out in each collective agreement.

Professional liability

We offer civil liability insurance for all sorts of professionals: architects, lawyers, computer programmers, doctors, etc.

Litigation insurance

A full team of lawyers will bring cases and/or defend your interests in all sorts of claims for damages.

Group health, life and accident

We arrange group policies to cover personal risks, whether taken out voluntarily or as a commitment of a collective agreement.

Equipment breakdown cover

We have policies for equipment or electronic device breakdown to cover industrial equipment.

Industrial risks

We offer two types of cover for your facilities: all risk for monetary damage or multi-risk, ensuring the cover meets your need to protect your property.


We examine the best policy to protect your goods in transit.


We have multi-risk policies with the best conditions to protect your establishment or chain of establishments.

Credit or guarantee deposit

These policies cover payment of your invoices or, in accordance with legislation, the amounts received on account from your clients, or if you have commitments for economic guarantees to government agencies for public tenders.

Vehicle fleets

We include all of your company's vehicles under a single policy to save money and reduce paperwork.

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