Corporate coworking: the preferred workspace for companies

Trends in the rental of work spaces are evolving, and currently flexibility, image, modernity and location are the requirements most demanded by companies when establishing their offices.

Based on these needs, CINC has created the concept of corporate coworking, based on the preparation of facilities specially designed for restless professionals working in dynamic and flexible work environments.

At CINC, the adaptation of spaces and the provision of services are part of our DNA, and as pioneers in the preparation of corporate spaces we have always been committed to innovation, responding to the requirements and needs of the most demanding customers. For this reason, the workspaces you will find in our business centers are workspaces designed to satisfy the current needs of companies, which they are:

– Attracting and retaining talent
– Fostering interaction
– The company's search for innovation
– The creation of friendly and comfortable spaces for all members of the company.


More than 20 years of experience providing flexible solutions


Our fast and effective answer to day-to-day needs is the reason why both SMEs and delegations of large multinationals have trusted us. In this sense, our experience supports us: we have prepared spaces from 4 to 400 people for companies in sectors as diverse as technology, pharmaceuticals, travel or logistics, in addition to providing them with all those services they need, such as reception and telephone attention.

Therefore, the creation of tailor-made spaces in friendly, dynamic, relational and interactive environments are flexible solutions that allow us to satisfy the specific needs of each client, both in space and time. If today there is an actor who guarantees with experience and solvency the preparation of workspaces through the formula of corporate coworking is CINC, as our customers corroborate.

CINC is a space for coworking and workspace leader in the sector, categorized with five stars by the auditor Tüv Rheinland, with offices in Barcelona, Girona and Figueres.

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