Come and meet our corporate workspaces of 8 to 50 people

Increasingly, workspaces play an important role in attracting and retaining talent in companies. In CINC Business Center we know it very well, since we have been offering flexible solutions to all types of clients for more than 20 years. This has turned us into experts in the creation of customized workspaces for national and international companies of diverse sectors.
Therefore, in CINC we also have corporate coworking spaces equipped with 8 to 50 people in the 22 @ of Barcelona and the Girona center, two unbeatable locations.
No matter the size or type of companies: we adapt to the most demanding demands of our customers to meet their needs. Thanks to our flexibility, we accompany them in their growth, and we are always at your disposal for whatever you need.

What do the corporate spaces of CINC have?

Immediateness. You will find fully equipped spaces with all services included.
Flexibility. We create completely customized workspaces, adapting to the growth of your company.
Dynamism. We offer you a dynamic work environment surrounded by companies of all kinds.
Modernity and technology. We adapt our spaces to the latest trends in design and technology.
Comfort. We create unique spaces adapted to the needs of companies that make work hours more comfortable.
Common spaces. We put at your disposal Hall, dining room and meeting and meeting rooms.
Professionalism. We have a team of professionals who offer you a friendly service and an unbeatable service.
The best picture. Enjoy spaces located in buildings with a large corporate image.
Do you want to know our workspaces? Book a visit!

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