Closure of the solidarity campaign “A rose for a book”

On April 20th and 21th we launched the "A rose for a book" solidarity campaign in our three headquarters in Barcelona, Girona and Figueres. With this action, CINC wanted to commemorate the day of Sant Jordi, giving a rose to all the people who have brought books to our receptions.
The campaign was aimed at collecting books for the Engrunes Foundation and Caritas Girona, which have put them up for sale in order to raise money to help people living in poverty and social exclusion.
Thanks to the involvement of our customers and collaborators, we have been able to fill up fifteen boxes with books! The initiative has been very well received, and we are delighted to see its positive impact.
The books collected at CINC Barcelona were given to the Engrunes Foundation of Barcelona, a non-profit organization whose objective is to fight against poverty and social exclusion, and have been put up for sale in its network of second-hand shops. With the sale of these books, it contributes to the social and labor reintegration of the people hired by the foundation, while giving a second life to books.
From the receptions of CINC Girona and CINC Figueres, books were collected for Caritas Girona, which were sold at a stand on the day of Sant Jordi, obtaining a total collection of 726,80 euros. Caritas will allocate the money to continue promoting its social work to fight poverty, exclusion and social discrimination. Caritas volunteers emphasized the quality of the books collected, so they hope that those were not sold will have a second chance next year.
On behalf of Maria Àngels Gea, manager of the Engrunes Foundation, and Fran Quirós, coordinator of Caritas Girona, we thank you all for your cooperation!

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