CINC opens up new opportunities for you thanks to our immigration services.

Servicios de extranjería

Through our extensive experience of more than 25 years, CINC Asesoría has gained first-hand knowledge of the procedures and difficulties involved in the world of immigration. We have a team of lawyers and professionals specialised in the sector who are able to manage different procedures:

  • • Residence and work permits
  • Family regrouping
  • • Social, labour, training, humanitarian and family roots.
  • • Authorisations to stay for study purposes
  • • Renewal and modification of authorisations
  • • Obtaining Spanish nationality
  • • Residence permits
  • • Homologation of studies
  • • Exchange of international driving licences

There are many people who have made a commitment to a better future. This is the case of Fátima, who got the job she dreamed of; Barso, who is about to get married with his Spanish partner; or Inés, who brought her daughter from Argentina. . Like them, many other people in similar situations rely on CINC Asesoría.

If you are struggling to make your dream come true, do not hesitate to contact the Immigration and Nationality Department. We will help you to make it come true.

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