CINC offers you support as an Entrepreneur Service Point (EAP)

Since 2013, CINC has been part of the network of Entrepreneurship Attention Points, giving all those who want to start a business the opportunity to go there to create their company or register as self-employed through the Internet (CIRCE). In other cases, we also offer advice for the closure, sale or transfer of a company. 

What services does CINC offer as a PAE point?

Through face-to-face attention, we provide services and tools to promote and encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of companies:
  • Our specialised advisors will help you select the legal form and the necessary capital to set up the company, through the spirit of dedication and work that we at CINC put at the service of entrepreneurs, trying to promote proximity and support and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • We also highlight the Information Centre and Business Creation Network (CIRCE). This is an information system that allows a whole series of procedures for the incorporation and start-up of certain commercial companies in Spain to be carried out telematically. 
At CINC, we provide support in the incorporation of different legal forms, among them:
  • Registration as an Individual Entrepreneur (Self-employed).
  • Registration as a Limited Liability Company (SRL or SL)
  • Creation of a Community of Goods
  • Creation of a Civil Company

Do you need advice to start your project?

Contact us and we will arrange an appointment to attend you in person:
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)
Which self-employed workers must send their data to the Social Security before 31 October
Self-employed companies, family collaborators, those who have to join a professional association and those who are economically dependent (TRADE), among others, must provide certain information about their activity to the Social Security before 31 October.


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