CINC Consultancy and their commitment to growth makes to join Agencia Girona

Since March 19th, CINC Consultancy and Agencia Girona became part of same company, making a future hope in order to become one of the main companies in services to enterprises in the region of Girona.
This union let CINC Consultancy to grow and to become established, gaining experience and client portfolio, as well as improving their quality in services. In this sense, both consultants’ offices have a wide professional career in this sector and they share the same philosophy: go hand by hand with companies and individuals in their daily day.
CINC Consultancy offers legal advice in labor affairs, accounting, tax and legal issues to more than 5.000 companies and individuals. Our human resources, main asset in our company, are made up of more than 70 professionals who offer a personalized attention to their customers with the maximum efficiency and professional accuracy.

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March 19, 2018

Available now: Wide offices for teams

Technology companies decide to be located in Business Centers like CINC, looking for a modern and wide space, with natural light and enough flexibility to grow their companies.
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May 9, 2018

Come and see our new event rooms!

CINC Barcelona Business Centre offers you the Gaudí space, an ideal space for all types of events with three fully equipped rooms adapted to your needs.
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