CINC Barcelona opens the Gaudi space, as a result of extension and renovation of our Conference room

CINC Business Center in Barcelona inaugurates ‘the Gaudi space’ this February, as a result of the extension and renovation of the area destined to training events and meetings, situated in the first floor of our building.
With the commitment to offer the maximum quality and amenities to our clients, CINC has bet on a modern and functional space, with a private area with an exclusive use for the clients of the meeting rooms. Also, the incorporation of the new room to the set makes a total of three meeting rooms.>See gallery of images
Rooms for all kind of events or meetings
The meeting rooms from Gaudi space are suitable for organizing all kind of events, meetings, conferences and training courses.
They are located in wide and light-filled spaces
Perfectly soundproof thanks to the double glasses
They have excellent acoustics
They offer you the possibility to regulate the privacy by curtains, as well as the lights and air conditioning
They have a exclusive area for clients
They have Wi-Fi for all users, with private net for every event
They include screening 
Sound Systems (microphones and loudspeakers)
Streaming service 
Three rooms, four different possibilities
The three rooms that make up the whole space offer multiple possibilities and capacities depending on the type of size:
Room 1:
U form: 20 people
Training form: 24 people
Theater form: 44 people
Room 2:
U form: 18 people
Training form: 24 people
Theater form: 38 people
Room 3:
U form: 18 people
Training form: 24 people
Theater form: 44 people
Conference room (room 2 + room 3):
U form: 26 people
Training form: 46 people
Theater form: 82 people
Are you interested in renting a Conference room or a Training room? Contact with us!
Come and see our spaces without any obligation or ask for more information or for a budget:
933 030 060


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