CINC and its new terrace in Barcelona: a meeting point where you can take your breaks to a new height.

After months of waiting, we can now announce that we have a new terrace located on the ninth floor of the CINC building in Barcelona.
Facing the sea and with spectacular views of the city's coastline, this new space is specially designed so that our customers can enjoy the many benefits it provides. And the fact is that, with its exterior light and the peaceful atmosphere it offers, it is capable of providing those necessary breaks that improve your capacity for concentration and productivity.
The terrace, in addition to its versatility in adapting the furniture, is characterised by its versatility. It offers multiple possibilities, such as the organisation of meetings, training sessions or presentations. Likewise, this place can be used for all kinds of activities, catering, coffee breaks or photographic sessions. In short, CINC adapts its rooftop to your needs so that you can achieve your business and personal objectives.
What are you waiting for? Contact us and enjoy this place where comfort and functionality merge.
Enric Urreta, Managing Partner of CINC Business Centre and Consultancy, has been appointed as the new president of 22@Network, the business association responsible for the consolidation of 22@, Barcelona's technology district. The new board of directors is made up of business representatives from important firms such as Cuatrecasas, Altran, the UPF, Telefónica, the Leitat Technology Centre, Bosch and T-Systems.


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June 2, 2023

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