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CINC Girona

CINC Business Center in Girona is placed strategically in the center of the city and a few minutes to train's Station AVE. With an innovative and functional design, CINC Girona is located excellent communicated and offers more than 2,000m2 spaces, where you can find: fully-equipped offices, offices at street level, conference rooms, meeting rooms, parking spaces and restaurant-bar.

Also, it offers business consultancy services.


Centro de Negocios GironaCentro de Negocios GironaHall del centro de NegociosDespachosDespachosDespachosDespachosDespacho de direcciónDespacho de direcciónOpen officeOpen officeSala de conferenciasZona de conferenciasSala de reunionesOfficeOffice


» Are you looking for to give a good image to your company?

» Are you looking for an equipped space without an initial investment?

» Would you like to pay just one fee and forgot all everything?

In CINC you'll find all spaces and services to satisfy your company needs.