Guaranteed workspaces with the CINC contingency plan

Espais de treball garantits

Guarantee the continuity of your business activity by eliminating or reducing risks and making it more resilient when faced with critical situations.

Prepare your company for returning to normal operation with an appropriate crisis management response.

Why should I take out a contingency plan?

  • For many companies, suffering significant data losses leads to their closure
  • Among businesses that suffer a significant data loss and do not have a contingency plan in place, 40% end up closing
  • Having a contingency plan linked to a security plan means third parties see you as reliable

What does the CINC contingency plan include?

Space and workstations fully operational with 4 hours' notice

Call acceptance at specific telephone numbers or non-habitual ones

Internet access at the speed you want

Access to IT equipment

Security copies of all of the computer systems and files

Storage space, printers, routers or specific equipment

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