Find the office that best meets your needs

We offer equipped workspaces with a range of capacities, featuring natural light, independent climate control, piped music and internet.

Individual or double office
Despatx individual o doble

Space of use for one or two people fully equipped to work comfortably.

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Management office
Despatx de direcció

Space adapted to the needs and comfort of directors and executives

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Open Office / Call Center
Open office / Call center

Wide space up to 700m2 per floor to build an office on your own

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Office for 3-6 people
Despatx per a 3-6 persones

Space for use between 3 and 6 people, adaptable to the needs of each company

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Office for groups
Despatx per a grups

Work space designed for companies with capacity for up to 16 people

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Flexible contracts

Occasional or permanent use

Individual or shared use

Full-day or half-day hire

All services included in a single invoice

Utilities (water, electricity, climate control, etc.)

Personalised reception and telephone service

Receiving messages and packages

Access to meeting rooms

Registered address service

24h access and security

Cleaning and maintenance service

Visitor parking

Corporate logo in the hall and offices

Telephone and Wi-Fi connection

Enjoy shared areas

We provide areas for receiving visitors, resting, switching off, eating and interacting with the other companies in the building

Additional services

More profitable than a conventional office

Excellent locations

Clients who trust in us

"CINC's quick availability, responsiveness, flexibility and constant positive attitude have allowed us to face our daily challenges."

Medartis team
Air & Sea Branch Manager of DSV

"Thanks to CINC we can have all the services that a Startup needs".

Pol Amoedo
Co-founder of Filmo

"They have a great team that knows how to handle the company's problems in a very professional way."

Mariona Serra
CEO and co-founder of Goodgut

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