Civil Law

  • Family law (separations, uncontested divorces and contentious, tax planning, adjudication and distribution of common assets, measures and visitation arrangements, etc.).
  • Inheritance law (state planning, testamentary provisions, acceptance of inheritance, tax planning, etc.).
  • Contract law (leases, real estate purchase, earnest money, business sale, swaps, purchase options, loans, assignments, etc.).
  • Real estate law (new construction, land grouping and segregation, horizontal divisions of states, community rules and bylaws, etc.).
  • Urban law (urban planning, management and regulation).
  • Banking law (claims of abusive clauses, deed in lieu, foreclosures, advisory on banking product contracting, etc.).
  • Mortgage and registry law (proceedings before the property registry, title registration proceedings, land registry filings, mortgage guarantees, etc.).
  • Legal opinions

Commercial and insolvency law

  • Commercial and international contracts
  • Establishment of Spanish companies, branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies in Spain
  • Shareholders’ agreements – joint ventures
  • Societal restructuring operations: mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs
  • Advisory services for all types of corporate agreements such as minutes, increases and decreases of capital, liquidations, sale of shares, and ownership interests, etc.
  • Advisory services for boards of directors and support for board secretaries.
  • Preparation of shareholder meetings, statutory amendments, drafting of all types of contracts.
  • Claims for payment
  • Pre-insolvency advisory, preparation of corporate and accounting documentation, pre-negotiation with creditors, and out-of-court agreements.
  • Preparation and filing of voluntary and mandatory bankruptcy proceedings, and legal representation throughout all stages of the process
  • Preparation, drafting and negotiation of creditors’ agreements.
  • Participation as lawyers in insolvency administration
  • Advice and negotiation with insolvency administrators, trustees and liquidators.

Tax law

  • Tax settlements (local, regional and state taxes)
  • Economic-administrative claims
  • Tax appeals in administrative proceedings and in contentious-administrative jurisdiction
  • Tax inspections
  • Corporate and patrimonial transactions

Procedural law

  • Civil litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Family litigation
  • Labour litigation

Administrative law

  • Obtaining administrative licences and authorisations
  • Administrative appeals before the Administration and in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction
  • Claims for patrimonial liability against any administration (local, regional, and/or national)

Immigration law

  • Processing of residence and work permits (LOEX)
  • Processing of Spanish nationality
  • Administrative appeals in immigration and Spanish nationality procedures

Labor law

  • Processing of public benefits (disability, widowhood, orphan’s benefits, etc.)
  • Social Security
  • Employment regulation files and workforce restructuring
  • Labor mediation and negotiation

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