At CINC we also have individual offices and for groups up to 4 persons. Come to see them!

Nowadays there are many SMEs, autonomous and corporation delegations of big enterprises that seek flexible working spaces in dynamic environments like the ones that the coworking offers, but at the same time that let enjoy absolute privacy.  
As specialists in the creation of flexible working spaces, at CINC we offer individual offices, double offices and reduced group offices up to four persons that meet these necessities perfectly. These spaces offer a bigger privacy than the open offices, but at the same time give the opportunity to work in a friendly and flexible environment with other enterprises. 
In addition, all of our offices are totally equipped with office furniture and with all the services included (Internet, light, water, air conditioning, cleaning service, etc.), telephone connexion, Internet and reception service and telephone assistance. And the most important: they are situated in excellent locations of big strategic value for your business, such as the 22 Arroba of Barcelona and the centre of Girona.  

What do the individual and for reduced groups offices at CINC have?

Calm. Our offices let you work in a calm environment where you can focus without noises and distractions.
Privacy. They are ideal spaces where to attend visits or do presentations without interruptions. 
Comfort and design. All of our offices are equipped with natural light and modern office furniture, and they were created to make your working hours more comfortable.  
Saving costs. They are designed to start working without any other investment than the payment of the fee, since all the services are included (Internet, light, water, air conditioning, etc.). 
High corporate image. They are located in corporate buildings of great presence, helping you to project a better image.
Dynamism. You will work surrounded by other enterprises in a friendly environment, but with the advantage of always being able to keep your privacy. Common areas. The fee also includes access to the common areas of the building: hall, dining-office and meeting and conference rooms.  

What do you want to know about our offices? Book your visit!

If you are looking for an individual, a double or a reduced group up to 4 persons office, contact with us: 
933 030 060
972 940 940


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