Expert lawyers at your disposal

Àmplia experiència en l'àmbit jurídic

Whether you are a business or an individual you will have the peace of mind of having a team of friendly professionals with extensive experience in the legal world.

Legal Consultancy Services

Civil and procedural law

  • Recovering debts from late payers
  • Legal claims for payment
  • Property law (municipal capital gains appeals, sale-purchase, planning procedures, etc.)
  • Civil contracts (leases, sales, purchases, loans, etc.)
  • Reports

Administrative law

  • Administrative authorisations
  • Agreements with the administration
  • Administrative appeals before the administration and the administrative jurisdiction
  • Planning procedures (guidance on town planning, management and discipline procedures)
  • Claims for administration's material liability

Tax law

  • Tax and fiscal consultancy
  • Tax planning for transactions (one-off, wealth, family, businesses, etc.)
  • Submitting taxes, drawing up appeals and claims against the tax authority and through administrative procedures

Family law

  • Processing separations and divorces, both contested and by mutual agreement
  • Processing modifications to the measures laid down in the divorce settlement

Commercial and insolvency law

  • Incorporation, management and life of business corporations (consultancy on articles of association, resolutions, boards)
  • Commercial contracts (agency, distribution, limited company articles of association, etc.)
  • Associations and trusts
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Responses to circularization by insolvency practitioners (debt ratings)

Banking law

  • Judicial and extra-judicial claims regarding ground clauses
  • Reclaiming costs relating to mortgages (registration, notaries, etc.)
  • Studies and advice on mortgages and other bank products
  • Accord and satisfaction procedures

Employment law

  • Business transactions
  • Staff restructuring and recruitment
  • Social security
  • Intervening in social jurisdiction
  • Consultancy and mediation in individual and collective labour disputes

Inheritance law

  • Guidance on wills
  • Processing inheritances
  • Requesting certificate of last will
  • Tax consultancy on mortis causa transfers

Other CINC Consultancy Services

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