Are you self-employed? Discover the most profitable pension plan with the greatest tax benefit


Are you self-employed? You should know that the latest reforms to promote employment pension plans offer self-employed workers the possibility of expanding contributions to their pension plan, exceeding the limits established in their individual plan. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity?

From CINC Insurance Brokerage we present you a new and unique solution in the market to complement the public pension and have greater tax benefits: the Mapfre ATA Simplified Employment Plan for the self-employed. Thanks to this alternative, you will be able to contribute and deduct a maximum of €5,750 contribution per year in personal income tax.

You want to know more? Below, we explain its characteristics in more detail.

How does the simplified employment pension plan for self-employed workers work?

Through the different contributions made (initial, periodic, extraordinary, as well as mobilizations from other individual or collective pension funds), the manager will distribute the consolidated rights between two subplans (one where variable income predominates and another where income predominates), providing a greater investment in variable income the further away the retirement is and reducing its exposure by increasing the fixed income exposure as the employee approaches his retirement age, automatically.

All self-employed workers may make these contributions, whether or not they are associated with ATA.

Which are the benefits that this has?

  • Maximum profitability and speed: active management that automatically adjusts variable income management according to the age of the worker until retirement age.
  • Greater tax savings: you can contribute up to €5,750, taking advantage of the maximum tax deduction limit, with flexibility in contributions.
  • Reduced expenses: internal costs are low, compared to other similar plans.
  • Mobilization of other plans: allows the mobilization of Individual Pension Plans, the Employment System and Insured Pension Plans (PPA).

What coverage does it offer?

  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Inability
  • Dependence
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Serious diseases
  • Liquidity of contributions 10 years old

What forms of benefit collection does the plan allow?

There are three different ways to collect the benefit, which can be combined to achieve the desired tax optimization.

  • In the form of capital.
  • In the form of income.
  • Mixed form.

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