Are you a director or senior manager? Civil and criminal liability for your management

Nowadays, the administrators of any entity – from a public limited company to a foundation – have a very complex and challenging job.
The likelihood of both directors and managers being sued has grown exponentially. Any director, whether executive or non-executive, de jure or de facto, can be exposed to civil or criminal liability related to mismanagement of the entity's assets, unfair competition, lack of supervision, poor decision-making in the acquisition or sale of assets or entities, among others. This implies that the director/manager will have to respond with his assets, having failed to comply with any of his obligations.
All these situations encountered by the director in his daily management can generate claims against him that materialise in costly processes that are increasingly frequent and intense, even in the field of SMEs, Foundations, Cooperatives and Associations.
The Tax Agency is stepping up its surveillance of company managers. Administrators and directors are under its scrutiny, a situation that has increased in recent years. The AEAT Inspectorate has increased by 149% the number of liability referrals in the last two years. In its plan for 2023, the AEAT includes liability referrals as one of the fundamental pillars for the prevention and control of tax fraud.
Taking out Civil Liability insurance for Directors and Managers is the best guarantee of protection and peace of mind in the event of claims arising from non-compliance with the obligations of directors and managers.
CINC Correduría de Seguros offers an insurance solution through one of the leading companies in the market to protect the personal assets of administrators and directors in the event of such claims.
To obtain a personalised project, please contact us without obligation. All we need is your company's tax details, the sector you work in and the latest turnover figure for the last year.
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