Application for the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) and other immigration procedures

Some of the most common reasons for requesting it can be the signing of any corporate or real estate investment transaction before a notary, opening a bank account, buying a vehicle or legally obtaining a job (in the case of community members).

This personal number will be the identifier of the foreign person, which must appear on all the documents that are issued or processed, as well as the procedures that are stamped on their identity card or passport. Foreigners can request the NIE from the General Directorate of the Police, directly or through the Consular Offices of Spain abroad, personally or through a representative.

This procedure becomes a slow process due to the difficulty of obtaining appointments to request said document from the police. For this reason, having the services of a specialized agency in immigration matters allows expediting and successfully carrying out this management.

Thanks to the help of CINC Asesoría, our clients have been able to obtain their NIE within 3-10 days, depending on whether the ordinary or express procedure is requested, and without the need to travel to the police or grant us any power of attorney as representatives. In this way, they have managed to save waiting time with the peace of mind that their management is carried out by a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, who know first-hand the difficulties they may encounter. and how to solve them.

The Immigration Department of CINC Asesoría has a team made up of lawyers and professionals specialized in immigration to resolve all kinds of procedures and formalities. We highlight the requests referring to Law 14/2013, of September 27, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization on international mobility, as well as those of the General Regime that are presented to the Generalist de Catalunya or at the Immigration Office according to the case, and the different procedures through the police.

We also take care of other types of procedures and procedures:

  • Spanish nationalities
  • Residence of British citizens and their non-EU relatives
  • Residence cards of relatives of EU citizens
  • Work authorizations with internship contract
  • Residence authorizations for highly qualified professionals
  • Residence authorization for investors
  • Registration of common-law couples in the stable couple’s registry of Catalonia
  • Authorization of stay for studies
  • Social, work and family roots
  • Work / residence authorizations
  • Initial work permits
  • Family reunions
  • Renewals
  • EU long-term card authorizations
  • Modifications of legal residence
  • Return authorizations
  • Tax forms
  • Request for appointments for presentations and fingerprints
  • File, replacement and elevation resources
  • Invitation card
  • Marriage registrations in the Central Civil Registry
  • General information
  • Insurance

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

CINC Asesoría Immigration Department
933 030 060 (Barcelona)
972 940 940 (Girona)
972 505 100 (Figueres)


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