14 MAY 2020

Guidelines for the implementation of prevention measures against COVID-19 in the tourism sector

During the de-escalation phase, it is essential to maximize safety and hygiene measures against COVID-19, in addition to adapting the Occupational Risk Protocols.

13 MAY 2020

Does life-risk insurance provide coverage against coronavirus?

The health emergency generated by COVID-19 has increased interest in taking out life insurance. According to a study by the Capgemini consultancy firm, 39% of consumers are expected to take out life insurance in the next 6-9 months, 14% more than in the pre-COVID period.

30 APR 2020

What can companies expect about going back to the office

By Enric Urreta, Managing Partner of CINC, Vice President of the 22 @ network Association and member of the board of directors of the association of flexible workspaces Proworkspaces.

21 APR 2020

COVID-19: Recommendations of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in situations of mobility and telework

COVID-19: Due to the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, many companies have had to implement telework measures urgently and extraordinarily to adapt to these circumstances and continue their business activity. However, if these measures are not implemented correctly, they can lead to serious dangers for the security and confidentiality of the data, of which the company still remains the controller of their treatment.

16 APR 2020

We miss you, but we're still with you

We have been in a situation for weeks, that we never would have imagined we would be in, let alone so suddenly. The current circumstances are not being easy for anyone, and many of us continue these weeks our working day confined to home, in improvised work spaces and adapted to new routines and new channels of communication with colleagues.

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