25 OCT 2022

Democratic Memory Law

After months of deliberation in Court, the Law of Democratic Memory, popularly known as the Law of grandchildren, has fin finally approved by the Official State Gazette of Spain on the 20th of October 2022. 

20 OCT 2022

Buy the most complete health insurance and take one of these two gifts

Are you one of those who prioritize to the fullest your health? At Cinc insurance broker we have a health insurance with wide coverage, ideal for you and yours and with a very advantageous condition. 

13 OCT 2022

What types of training contracts are included in the 2022 labour reform?

The new labour reform, effective as of the 30th March 2022, includes two types of training contracts: alternating work-training contracts and contracts for professional practice. The old internship, training and apprenticeship and dual university training contracts are eliminated.

13 OCT 2022

New lines of funding for young people, entrepreneurs and innovation

For the past two months, the government has been implementing up to six lines of guaranteed financing that will be available to the self-employed throughout this year. 

10 OCT 2022

Do you manufacture or purchase non-reusable plastic packaging or films?

Last April, Law 7/2022, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy, was passed with the aim of minimizing the negative effects of waste generation and management on human health and the environment.

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