08 FEB 2021

New registration deadline for accessing the 2,000 euro grant for self-employed workers

The Government of Catalonia has announced a registration period for accessing new extraordinary aid for maintaining the activity of individual self-employed workers or self-employed workers who are part of a microenterprise. To be eligible for this aid, prior registration must be made from 19 to 26 February, which will act as an application form.

08 FEB 2021

ICO 2021 credit lines for the self-employed and entrepreneurs

New ICO credit lines for the self-employed and entrepreneurs are in force in 2021 and can be applied for throughout the year. 

26 JAN 2021

Virtual office: the solution to boost your business to the maximum this 2021 with a minimum investment

Because of the pandemic, in order to prevent movement and maintain activity, many companies have been forced to interrupt their presence in the usual offices and implementing telework. For this reason, many companies have decided to go for flexible offices, since they allow them to adapt to their needs in real time depending on the space and number of people.

12 JAN 2021

Do you know how much you can save on your mortgage life insurance?

Until recently, when you applied for a mortgage, the bank obliged you to take out a specific life insurance policy, which conditioned the granting of the mortgage loan. Did you know that these insurance policies have higher rates than those usually offered by the market? For this reason, you end up paying a higher price than those offered through other channels, such as Insurance Brokers and Mediators.


11 JAN 2021

Model 720: Obligation to declare assets and rights located abroad

On March 31, 2021, the deadline for submitting to the Tax Agency the annual informative return on assets and rights located outside of Spanish territory ends through form 720.

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