02 JUN 2023

Main novelties of the law 12/2023 on the right to housing

Law 12/2023 of 24 May on the right to housing entered into force on 26 May 2023, with some exceptions. This law aims to regulate, within the scope of the State's competences, the basic conditions that guarantee equality in the exercise of rights and in the fulfilment of constitutional duties related to housing and, in particular, the right to access to decent and adequate housing and to the enjoyment thereof in affordable conditions.

31 MAY 2023

CINC offers you support as an Entrepreneur Service Point (EAP)

Since 2013, CINC has been part of the network of Entrepreneurship Attention Points, giving all those who want to start a business the opportunity to go there to create their company or register as self-employed through the Internet (CIRCE). In other cases, we also offer advice for the closure, sale or transfer of a company. 

22 MAY 2023

Did you know that there is one report of squatting for every 1,553 Spanish homes?

According to current data, in recent years squatting has multiplied throughout Spain, especially in Catalonia, where 40% of squatting cases are concentrated.

04 MAY 2023

Grants 2023 for the promotion of Spanish and foreign patent and utility model Applications

The following is an extract from the Resolution of the Directorate of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A., announcing the award of grants on a competitive basis for the promotion of applications for patents and utility models in Spain and abroad for the year 2023.

28 APR 2023

Legal defence against illegal occupation

Are you worried about the idea that your habitual residence or second home could be occupied? Don't worry, at CINC Insurance Brokers*, we offer you our services to contract an insurance policy with all the necessary legal coverage in case this happens. 

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