21 FEB 2023

Can a company make use of private data without prior consent?

After the controversy generated by the AEPD last month, many have not been clear about the use of private data by the company. Is it possible for the employer to make use of the private phone number to create Whatsapp groups without prior consent? 

15 FEB 2023

The new Minimum Interprofessional Wage is approved for 2023

The approval of Royal Decree 99/2023, of 15 February, published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) establishes the new minimum interprofessional wage for 2023.  

02 FEB 2023

New Wealth Tax for Non-tax residents in Spanish territory

The Wealth Tax has modified terms of taxpayers, clarifying that those persons who are non-residents in Spanish territory will have to pay Wealth Tax on the value of the real estate located in Spanish territory.

02 FEB 2023

Rooms: perfect spaces for your project

Do you need to hold a video conference in a well-equipped space? Or are you starting a business and need a room that will accelerate your project?

01 FEB 2023

Changes in personal income tax and VAT; how do they affect us?

On 27 December, various tax changes were implemented within the Royal Decree Law 20/2022, of 27 December, which introduced a series of changes in VAT, personal income tax and other taxes, which we will explain below.

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