24 MAR 2022

Temporary contracts: what will they look like after the labour reform?

As of 31 March, the new and unique type of temporary contract, known as the "contract for circumstances of production", will come into force, following the elimination of "contracts for work and services" in Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of 28 December.

18 MAR 2022

The first call for applications for Kit Digital grants is open: who can apply?

The first call for applications for Kit Digital grants, aimed at companies with between 10 and 49 employees, has been open since 15 March.

17 MAR 2022

The definitive return to the office is here: what the return to normality will bring

The end of the return to the office is here. Two years have passed since the start of the pandemic, and it seems that, little by little, we are returning to the normality of before: restrictive measures are beginning to be relaxed (the elimination of masks indoors is expected soon) and presence is once again occupying a very important place in all spheres. So we can finally say that the return to normality is a reality.

10 MAR 2022

Temporary protection measures in Spain for displaced people from Ukraine

The government of Spain has approved an agreement that will allow the citizens of Ukraine, affected by the conflict, to invoked since the 10th of March to a series of temporal measures of protection, according to EU Directive 2002/72/EC. This protocol will facilitate even more, the regulation of Ukraine citizens already living in Spain, allowing the automatic access to residence and work permit. 

09 MAR 2022

What can an Entrepreneur Service Point (EAP) do for you?

Starting a business is not easy, and before starting a business project it is necessary to have the right advice before carrying out any activity. In this sense, the PAE (Entrepreneur Service Points) offer guarantees of information, processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing to get your activity off to a good start.

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