13 MAR 2019

How does the entry into force affect the new legislation of the rental to owners and tenants?

The past 6 March the Real Decree-Law 7/2019 about urgent measures with regard to housing and rental was entered into force. The new law recovers the majority of the changes that were included in the abolished Decree-Law 21/2018, which was applied during the 19th December 2018 and the 23st January 2019.

08 MAR 2019

“Talent in feminine”: An initiative of CINC in order to give support to the entrepreneur woman

The professional activity of the woman in the business and labour environment is currently full of challenges and issues. Even if it is true that there have been progresses in matters of gender equality, women still have more difficulties than men to conciliate their personal life with the professional one, and they are still suffering the effects of the salary gap and the gender discrimination.

06 MAR 2019

At CINC we also have individual offices and for groups up to 4 persons. Come to see them!

Nowadays there are many SMEs, autonomous and corporation delegations of big enterprises that seek flexible working spaces in dynamic environments like the ones that the coworking offers, but at the same time that let enjoy absolute privacy.

17 JAN 2019

The fiscal impact of Brexit in the customs area and special taxes

From the next 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union, if a transient output agreement does not take place. This situation will mean that from March 30 the UK will abandon the single market and the customs union.

16 JAN 2019

Come and meet our corporate workspaces of 8 to 50 people

Increasingly, workspaces play an important role in attracting and retaining talent in companies. In CINC Business Center we know it very well, since we have been offering flexible solutions to all types of clients for more than 20 years. This has turned us into experts in the creation of customized workspaces for national and international companies of diverse sectors.

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