13 OCT 2021

Moves III Plan: incentives for efficient and sustainable mobility 2021

El Gobierno aprobó el pasado 13 de abril el Plan Moves III a través del Real Decreto 266/202. Se trata de unas subvenciones dirigidas tanto a particulares como empresas para promover la compra de vehículos eléctricos y la instalación de infraestructura de recarga, con el fin de fomentar la movilidad sostenible. El programa está dotado inicialmente de un presupuesto máximo de 400 millones de euros, y el plazo finalizará cuando se agote el presupuesto o, como máximo, el 31 de diciembre 2023.

04 OCT 2021

CINC launches new online meeting and training room booking platform

CINC has just launched a new platform to book your meeting, event and training rooms online. From now on, you will be able to rent our spaces through our website quickly and intuitively, as well as consult multiple booking options, among many other advantages.

04 OCT 2021

What it's like to be back in the office a year and a half after the start of the pandemic

As the second post-pandemic course begins, many companies face the challenge of planning the final return to the office. There is no doubt that remote working requires a rethink after confinement, and this may explain, in part, why some companies are still waiting to determine when this return operation will take place. But it seems that this working phenomenon is already starting to lose strength, in favour of face-to-face work and especially the 4+1 or 3+2 models (four or three face-to-face days and three or two days of teleworking), which are gaining in popularity.

01 OCT 2021

Penalties for non-compliance with the Telework Law

The regulation of the sanctioning regime for non-compliance with the teleworking law becomes effective from today, 1rst October 2021.

29 SEP 2021

The new Interprofessional Minimum Wage is approved for 2021

The approval of Royal Decree 817/2021, of September 28, published in the BOE es-tablishes the new minimum interprofessional salary for 2021.


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