27 MAR 2023

22@NETWORK BCN receives an institutional visit from the Hwaseong delegation

On 14 March, a delegation from the Administrative and Planning Committee of the Hwaseong City Council (South Korea) visited the 22@ district.

20 MAR 2023

Change of criterion in the calculation of working hours: going out to smoke or have a coffee during work will not count as part of working hours

This was recently decided by the Supreme Court, which dismissed the appeal filed by CCOO against the company Galp (2019) and ruled that companies have the right to deduct from their workers' working hours the time they have spent going out for a coffee and/or smoking. 

15 MAR 2023

Secure against computer attacks

Do you feel insecure about the possibility of receiving a cyber attack? Spain is the country that receives the most cyberattacks every day, and the prediction is that this number will increase. At CINC insurance brokerage we make it easy for you to take out cyber-attack insurance through one of the best insurances on the market, to protect your business against losses that may be caused by cyber-attacks. 

09 MAR 2023

Barcelona promotes a global alliance to promote innovation districts

22@Network promotes a global alliance to promote innovation districts, under the name "Innovation District Alliance" and CINC is part of it as president of the association, led by Enric Urreta. 

03 MAR 2023

CINC: exclusive spaces for all types of filming, events and audiovisual productions

If there is one thing that characterises CINC's facilities, it is their great versatility... 


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