15 SEP 2022

Supreme Court allows companies to deduct their financial charges

The Supreme Court ruling of 26 July 2022 has affirmed that financial expenses accrued for a loan directly and immediately related to the exercise of the company's business activity do not constitute a donation or liberality. 

15 SEP 2022

Internationalisation Grants: Implementation of the International eTrade Programme

Subsidies for digital internationalisation actions, within the programme: International eTrade.

13 SEP 2022

New grants for SMEs for trademark applications

Nowadays, protecting the intellectual property (IP) of your business is essential, as it is the only legal way to prevent your ideas, products or unique services to be copied or used without permission.

09 SEP 2022

Beckham law: An advantageous tax regime for attracting talent

The bechkam law; It is a tax regime whose goal is to offer a better taxation for those who relocate their residence to Spain for work motives.

12 MAY 2022

Teleworking from abroad: we answer your questions

Teleworking or telecommuting came into our lives unexpectedly and immediately as a response to the containment measures of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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