27 APR 2021

Are we near to the end of 100% remote work? Why do many of the companies and workers want to return to the offices

After little more than a year of teleworking due to the pandemic, it seems that most companies are already missing face-to-face work and are starting to plan a gradual return to the office. Will we have to say goodbye to remote work? What factors have motivated this imminent return to the workplace?

14 APR 2021

One-Stop Shop: new VAT regime for e-commerce to come into effect from July

From 1 July, any EU business that invoices more than €10,000 in e-commerce sales to consumers in other member states will have to invoice at the VAT rate corresponding to that state under the destination taxation system. Thus, the tax will be levied in the Member State where the final consumer who purchases the goods or receives the service is resident.

12 APR 2021

Cyber protection insurance for SMEs: protect your business continuity against any cyber attack

Any company can be a victim of cyber risks: only in Spain there are 400 cyber-attacks on companies every day. Moreover, SMEs are an easy victim for attackers: did you know that 7 out of 10 cyber-attacks affect SMEs, and that 60% of those that are attacked end up disappearing within 6 months?

07 APR 2021

Income 2020: all the keys to present it

From 7 April to 30 June 2021, all taxpayers can file their income tax return for the 2020 tax year. Those persons who have obtained income in excess of the limits set out below in 2020 will be required to do it.

24 MAR 2021

You need a virtual office and you don't know it yet

Although we have become accustomed to new work habits and routines, carrying out a business activity from your home is not without its drawbacks. Have you ever asked yourself if the image you convey of your business, from home, is the one you want to project to your customers? Do you show your personal address and telephone number on your website, or do you not provide any? Do you have a professional space to attend to your visitors? If you haven't yet asked yourself these questions, perhaps you don't know that you need a virtual office.


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